The Grand Canyon is a huge tourist destination that attracts over 5 million visitors per year.

There are endless activity options to choose from at the Grand Canyon thanks to the thriving tourism businesses in the area, if you’re stuck for ideas of struggling to choose just one then read on below, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite activity options.

Get a view from above

If you’ve never tried a helicopter tour before then the Grand Canyon is an excellent place to try it. The views from above are truly breathtaking and a tour of the west rim in a helicopter is an unforgettable way to see the national park.

There is nothing quite like seeing the sights from an aerial perspective and for many visitors a Grand Canyon helicopter tour can be the highlight of their trip.

Helicopter tours will usually run for about 70 minutes and cover a lot of the key sights in the area. Most operators will even include free shuttles from your hotel, making this one of the most convenient, and fun ways to see the national park. It’s perfect if you’re visiting from nearby Las Vegas or Boulder City and don’t want the hassle of driving yourself.

If you want to get some amazing photos during your visit to the Grand Canyon then this is the best way to do it!

Mule rides

If you’re looking for a classic Grand Canyon activity then mule rides are the perfect choice. The mule rides at the national park are world famous and quintessential to the area.

Mule rides across the national park offer visitors a chance to see the amazing sights and vistas of the park whilst enjoying the highly memorable experience of exploring with the aide of sure-footed and trusty mule.

The rides are even offered overnight for people who want an epic experience in the park.

This is a thrilling and unique way to enjoy an adventure at the Grand Canyon.


There are parts of the national park that can only be seen from the river. If you truly want to have a one of a kind experience then rafting is a fun choice. There are options for both amateur to advanced rafters, so whether your with your family or wishing to tackle the more difficult parts of the Colorado river you’re sure to be in for a treat.

This is the top option for adrenaline junkies and gives visitors the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon from below, allowing you to appreciate its splendor from below.


There are a lot of hiking options at the national park that range from a few hours to trips that last for several days. If you want to appreciate some of the best viewpoints at the park then you won’t be able to find them in a car, travelling on foot is the best way to see the park.

There are some famous hiking trails, such as the North Kaibab trail, but it’s important to be careful when hiking and take it slow. Each year there are more than 250 people that need to be rescued. Accidents and injuries are common and it is easy for visitors to become lost and confused in the park.

Scenic train trip

The Grand Canyon railway is one of the most fun ways to travel in style and soak up some of the local history. The 1901 train travels from Williams in Arizona and arrives at the Grand Canyon each day. Visitors can sit in six different luxury travel classes to soak up the sights from their windows.

The train has a rich history and played an important role in opening the Grand Canyon up for tourism and visitors to the park, making it accessible.

Many highly notable people have taken the train trip over the years, including the like of Teddy Roosevelt, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Doris Day.

The do fun seasonal events during holiday periods as well, so if you’re planning a visit during Halloween or Christmas than this is a must-do. Try out the Polar Express with your kids!

Go Camping

One of the best ways to appreciate the national park is to go camping. Camping allows visitors to enjoy the park at different times of the day and hear all of the noises of the wildlife. Many of the animals are nocturnal and spend the day hiding from the desert sun, most of the animals do not surface until the sun goes down so many visitors miss out on encountering many of the animals that live at the park.

Sleeping under the stars and seeing the landscape illuminated by the night time sky is unbeatable. The park is dramatic at every time of the day, but many visitors don’t get the opportunity to appreciate it under the cover of darkness.