As you start considering places to visit while traveling around in a motorhome hire New Zealand, have you ever heard of a place called Napier? Not as commonly heard of as Christchurch or Auckland, Napier is a destination that you may want to consider for your trip through New Zealand.

What makes Napier a must-see destination for your road trip in a motorhome hire New Zealand? It’s located in Hawke’s Bay, which is a very popular wine region in New Zealand. Plus, it’s a city that sits on the edge of the sea, so if you’re all about the ocean and great wines, you know what to do.

To help you start planning your trip to Napier, the following are some of the best things to do and places to see while in the area:

  • Visit Cape Kidnappers. Before you fear what may await you, Cape Kidnappers may sound scary but it’s actually one of the best “must-see” places in the area. Named Cape Kidnappers because the original Maori people tried to kidnap one of Captain Cook’s crew members, it’s actually a very beautiful area with grass-covered cliffs overlooking the clear ocean waters below. As a very picturesque location, you will want to see what Cape Kidnappers is all about if you’re looking for that Instagram-worthy location in the Napier area. If you’re into golf, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a beautiful golf course located at Cape Kidnappers.
  • Admire the Art Deco architecture in the area. Napier was rocked by an earthquake in the early 1900s, but when it was rebuilt, the Art Deco style took over and Napier is now one of the best places for art deco admirers to visit, due to the abundance of buildings designed with this type of architectural style. The style lends a charming air to this already charming seaside city.
  • Enjoy drinking at any one of the local wineries. As you can imagine, if you’re going to be in one of the top wine regions in the area, you’ll have many wineries to choose from. As you take some time to relax in Napier on your road trip, make sure to spend some time visiting the local wineries. Some of the top ones in Napier and surrounding areas are Mission Estate Winery, Church Road Winery, as well as Crab Farm Winery. Hawke’s Bay isn’t just any wine region. It’s well-known for the stellar wines produced in the area, so don’t miss out on trying at least one or two.
  • Cycle the Napier Pump Track. If you enjoy cycling, you’re not going to want to miss out out on joining in on the Napier Pump Track, which is one of the best spots in the area for those who like riding fat-tyred bikes and enjoy a pump track as opposed to an endure bike track, etc. It’s fun and so worth your time if you’re all about biking.
  • Take a 4×4 tour around the area. Want to see the area in a different kind of way? Why not take a 4×4 tour to some of the best locations in the area? An activity that your whole family can enjoy and certainly one of the most exciting ways to see the area, a 4×4 tour will be a worthy investment of your time.
  • Take some time to relax at Westshore and Ocean Beach. If you’re in the mood for sunbathing and spending some time near the water, Napier has a couple of beaches to enjoy, such as Westshore and Ocean Beach. There are, of course, also some other places nearby for soaking up the sun. Some of the beaches in the area are covered in rocks while others are black sand beaches. The water is crystalline and the weather is great most of the year.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a place that offers everything from good wines to fun experiences, beautiful architecture, and iconic destinations, look no further than Napier, located in the Hawke’s Bay area. It’s a great destination for anything from honeymoons to a road trip rest stop. From the beautiful locations to the fun that can be had in the area, it’s a must-visit for anyone travelling around New Zealand.

Whether you decide to stay in your motorhome hire New Zealand or you stay at a local hotel, you don’t want to miss out on a visit to Napier. There is opportunity for everything from surfing to drinking wine, so you can be sure to enjoy any type of activity that you’re into while in the area. Whatever you do during your road trip in this beautiful country, don’t miss out on visiting Napier, New Zealand. We promise that it will be worth it, if you’re a lover of beauty, fine wines, and great destinations.