There is absolutely nothing worse than taking a trip – whether it’s a vacation or merely business – and arriving completely jet lagged, unable to enjoy this fabulous new location. There are dozens of remedies and solutions out there that claim to fight jet lag. Yet, how can we know which ones will work and which ones are simply a waste of time? Below are strategies that have been proven to give you a real battle plan to fight jet lag and, hopefully, beat it completely.

The first step is to understand exactly what causes jet lag. Our bodies are built around a 24-hour cycle that programs us to do basic things like eating and sleeping. These are called circadian rhythms and they are thrown into whack when we cross time zones via plane. This disruption causes things like extreme fatigue, stomach issues, concentration issues, trouble with memory, and appetite issues. While there’s no proven way to actually beat jet lag, below are some surefire ways you can get ahead of jet lag and prevent the negative effects.

Adjust Your Eating Schedule
Adjust your eating schedule the day prior to the flight by eating 3 meals synced up to the time zone that you are flying to.

During a lengthy flight your body will be completely idol, leading to the development of kinks and stiffness. Doing some light to moderate exercise prior to your flight will help fight the physical issues of jet lag that can often lead to additional issues.

Skip the Cocktails
While it may be tempting to kick off the flight with a cocktail, alcohol actually has highly negative effects at high altitude.\\ It will increase your body’s tiredness and cause elevated dehydration, contributing to the effects of jet lag and making it harder for your body to beat those negative effects.

Sleep Before You Fly
Try and sleep as much as you normally would in the 24 hours prior to a long flight. Many people attempt to sleep a ton before a flight. However, this can actually contribute to jet lag. If you can sneak in a short snooze 6-8 hours before the flight that can also contribute to preventing the sleepiness jet lag can cause.

Split Up Major Trips
If you have a truly long trip, think overseas, try to look for routes that are split into two stops. While this may seem like a hassle, giving your body time to refresh and move about inside an airport will better prepare you for the second flight. This battles jet lag by giving you time to refresh, meaning you will be less jet lag when you arrive at your final destination.

Don’t Rely on Sleeping Pills
It is tempting to turn to sleeping pills or other relaxation pills during or before a long flight. However, they will simply leave you feeling fuzzy and won’t help you fight jet lag. Instead, pack herbal tea for natural relaxation that will contribute to an in-flight snooze.

Avoid Artificial Stimulants
While coffee and colas will give you a quick energy perk, they will affect your sleeping abilities and decrease jet lag recovery. They also contribute to dehydration, decreasing the top thing your body needs to fight jet lag: water.

Author Bio: Paige Jirsa– I work with Top10.Today, a shopping comparison site, where we strive to help consumers find the best quality and priced products.