Rajasthan is famous for forts, palaces and temples. It is located in the state of Northern India. It is known formerly by the name Rajputana or the land of the kings,

Here we discuss the places that you can visit during your next trip to India are:

  1. Mandawa:

The city of havelis, located in the countryside. It allows one to immerse oneself little by little in the culture of the country without directly experiencing the shock of the bustling city of Delhi. Mandawa offers visitors beautiful second homes decorated with beautiful frescoes, havelis. The decorations of Sneh Ram Ladia are particularly beautiful and well preserved: it’s like the time of the Silk Road.

  1. Pushkar:

Apart from the legendary annual camel fair held in Pushkar in November, the city is reputed to be the second largest religious site in India after Benares . There is especially the only temple of India dedicated to Brama the creator. So you crossed the road of hundreds of pilgrims who came to pay homage to their god. It was an opportunity for us to participate in a ceremony with a Brahman priest. Right next to the lake where pilgrims practice their ablutions, the souk of Pushkar is very nice to discover.

  1. Jaipur – the pink city:

The city of Jaipur offers visitors a magnificent architectural unity. There are plenty of small markets and a very lively atmosphere. Arrived at the end of the day, enjoyed a short walk to discover the historic places and then had a good time sharing tea with an Indian family. This allowed us to discuss our cultural differences and the richness of India. The second day in Jaipur, started with the discovery of the sumptuous Hawa Mahal. As its name suggests, it was built to allow the wind to circulate but it is not on the other hand a palace strictly speaking since it is in fact of a facade which allowed the women of the harem of watch the street without being seen.

Visit the Amber Fort, located eleven kilometers from Jaipur. This place that hosts both Mughal and Indian influences is simply beautiful. Perched on a cliff, this extraordinary fort full of history enjoys a beautiful view of the surroundings.

In the afternoon, discovered the Jaipur Astronomical Observatory; Jantar Mahar. The place is beautiful and above all very surprising. It is the largest stone observatory and houses the largest sundial in the world. A stone’s throw from the Jantar Mahar, you were able to enter the magnificent City Palace, built in pink sandstone. This is actually the current home of the Maharadja family. There is a succession of gardens, courtyards and small palaces. Explore the beautiful pink city by travelling through the Palace on Wheels train which offers world-class facilities onboard the train.

As far as the hotel industry is concerned, the city of Jaipur is home to many wonders and we have selected 4 for you:

Hotel Pearl Palace : This hotel is very beautiful with wonderfully decorated rooms. It enjoys a very good value for money.

Pearl Palace Heritage Hotel : This is the luxury version of Pearl Palace, both owned by the same owners. The rooms and lounges are decorated with objects and furniture of antique style.

Shahpura House : We stayed during our stay in Jaipur. With a mix of traditional Rajput architecture and Mughal and Indian influences, the hotel offers a beautiful facade with frescoes and domes. Like us, you will enjoy the very pleasant garden during your dinners.

Rambagh Palace : This former Maharadja mansion offers visitors ultimate luxury with luxuriously furnished marble and gemstone rooms and a beautiful view of Amber Fort.

  1. Agra:

On the way, made a stop at Fatehpur Sikri which contains a unique fortified citadel, which mixes different religious inspirations: Hindu, Muslim, Jain and Christian. This set is really fantastic and deserves to be stopped.

The discovery of Agra is a must during a tour in Rajasthan and you were delighted to end this trip with an architectural jewel,the Taj Mahal.

There is no word to describe the beauty of this mythical monument, very imposing decorated with marble and precious stones.

Next to the giant Taj Mahal, there is also a mosque and a palace that contribute greatly to the splendor of this architectural ensemble.

Get to know the Palace on Wheels cost for lean and peak season. Nearby, the Red Fort is also majestic and gigantic with its many gardens and the view it offers on the Taj Mahal and Yamuna.