Mumbai, the busiest and wealthy city of India is also a great landmark of tourism. Whenever people talk about Mumbai, some may think it is the busiest and crowded city. But apart from that, there is a lot to explore and see in Mumbai from historical attractions to blissful beaches. Mumbai also an important city in India to enjoy all variations of Indian tourism.

Here a list of top 5 places to visit in Mumbai was mentioned. Have a look at it.

  1. Gateway of India:

The first place strike in mind when we visit Mumbai is the Gateway of India. Actually, this 85 feet tall monument was built to commemorate King of George V and Queen Mary. And also after Independence, British Soldiers left India by passing through the Gateway of India.

The perfect blend of three architectural styles to this monument is another great attraction. Hindu, Islam, and European Gothic styles can be seen in this monument. Gateway of India is the best tourist spot in Mumbai which is close to many spots like Taj Mahal Palace, Elephant caves, and Marine Drive through luxury train – Deccan Odyssey.

  1. Marine Drive:

Marine Drive is a 3km walkway at the seashores of Arabian Sea. It is a fantastic spot in Mumbai to enjoy the pleasantness of the surrounding atmosphere. This walkway connects the Nariman Point and Babulnath. It creates a way in C shape which looks very pretty in the night with glittering lights.

This drive point nearby attraction is Chowpatty Beach. It is one of the best beaches in Mumbai here street food tastes very fine. By evening this spot will be crowded with more number of people to enjoy the pleasing Sunset views. In Mumbai, Marine Drive is an ideal spot to spend time in leisure.

  1. Elephant Islands:

Elephant Islands are just 10kms away from the Gateway of India. From it through boat rides you can reach Elephant Islands within a few minutes. This Island is known for Elephant caves which were dated back to 600 AD. In these caves, Buddhist and Hindu temples are there in large number. But most of the sculptures and temples were destroyed.

The major attractions of Elephant Caves are sculptures of Lord Shiva. They are Maheshmurti, Shiva Nataraja, and Ardhanarishvara. The lush greenery around the caves creates a pleasing environment to enjoy the place.

  1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park:

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is really a great place in Mumbai reserving wildlife and natural attractions. This National Park is one of the most visited parks in Asia. In a year nearly it attracts 2 million visitors. The Kanheri caves in the park are the major attractions. These caves exhibit marvelous sculptures and structures.

This National Park is also a best place for trekking trails. Ashok Van and Gaumukh are the areas allotted for trekking in this area. Wildlife can be seen here are Hanuman langur, Barking deer, Indian flying fox, and more. To Explore the national park, must check out the Deccan Odyssey route map to reach the destination.

  1. Juhu Beach:

There is no dearth for beach options in Mumbai. Because Mumbai is located at the shores of Arabian Sea. So a number of beaches in Mumbai entertains tourist with many options. Among them, Juhu Beach is one of the best beaches. The beach is home to many street food stalls.

For leisure walks, Juhu Beach is the best place. During the summer season, this beach will be open for water sports. Overall, Juhu is the best beach to visit in Mumbai. Not only this but also Aksa Beach, Goria Beach, Manori Beach, Chowpatty Beach, etc are some other famous beaches in Mumbai.